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Amy Pond: Sexiest Doctor Who Companion

Karen Gillam posingI have been following Doctor Who for many years now and after watching the first three episodes of this season, I have to admit that I am on the ban-wagon with thinking that Karen Gillam is the sexiest Doctor Who companion thus far. There is something about a tall woman with beautiful, long red hair and a feisty Scottish accent. Put those physical characteristics together with short skirts and an entire on-screen persona that only enhances the feisty Scottish accent and you come up with probably the sexiest Doctor Who companion ever.

Karen Gillam at the American Premeir of Doctor Who with Matt Smith The latest episode, The Victory of the Daleks, had Amy Pond wearing a short gray skirt and a hot red jumper. This only adds to the “sexiness” that the beautiful, Scottish actress brings to the series. I feel that the Doctor Who series need to remain pure and set moral examples; however, with that said, I also feel that a little bit of innocent eye candy can not hurt. Keep Amy Pond attractive in appearance and feisty in attitude and that should be a winning combination. We DO NOT need for Amy and the Doctor to hook up or become romantically involved. Now, I look anxiously forward to see what Karen Gillam will offer the Amy Pond character in the wardrobe department.

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