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Doctor Who BBC America launch

Season Premier of Doctor Who on BBC America

Doctor Who on BBC America

It is almost here…the premier of the new Doctor Who here in the States. The Brits have been privy to the season opener for more than a week now and we are chomping at the bit here in the US to see the series opener. BBC America, in order to further wet our American appetites, has a full Doctor Who day lined up for Saturday, April 17th. Starting at the crack of dawn, 5am EDT, BBC America will air the last half of season 4. At 1:30 pm EDT, the Doctor Who specials from the new series will air. 8:00 pm EDT, the BBC special Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide will air and then at 9:00pm EDT the season premier, The Eleventh Hour, will finally air here in the US. I can’t wait to see the latest incarnation of Doctor Who and the new series. Putting off and avoiding most hype about the new Doctor has been difficult, but all of my due diligence will be worth it come Saturday night around 10:00 pm EDT. Hope all Doctor Who fans that are State-side will get a chance to watch the premier on BBC America.

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