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Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016

Doctor Who - The Return of Doctor MysterioWell, it’s been an entire year since we were graced with anything from the BBC and Steven Moffat regarding the extraterrestrial world of Doctor Who. So, this year’s Christmas Special had a whole lot to live up to. I am happy to report that it was good, but I certainly hope that having a full year to plan, scheme, put together, act up, etc., will be what is needed to make 2017 the year of Doctor Who to remember!

Let me start by saying that I am NOT the biggest fan of Peter Capaldi’s “Doctor”. He is a fine actor, but there is something amiss with his “Doctor”. I can not put my finger on it, but I had the same feeling I had all last season as I watched Capaldi perform his Doctor skills on Christmas night in “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”. I like an older Doctor concept, and admit it is a nice break from the Tenant and Smith Doctor’s, but something is not there. This is an opinion coming from a person that started watching DW when Tom Baker was the current Doctor.


Doctor Who - The Ghost - SuperheroSo, with that aside, the 2016 Christmas Special was definitely worth the watch. Super hero characters that lead a double life mixed in with Doctor Who is a great way to catch and keep my attention. And, if you are a fan of Showtime’s “Shameless”, then you would certainly recognise the character playing the superhero, Justin Chatwin. The story is that of a typical superhero living a double life, but then gets added some aliens trying to take of the Earth (good times) and the Doctor doing his thing to prevent that from happening. Of course, in the end, good triumphs over evil, and the Doctor is victorious over his adversaries… it wouldn’t be a good Doctor Who special if it didn’t end that way.

Let’s all hope that this excellent 2016 Doctor Who Christmas Special is the precursor to a fantastic close to the Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who. My fingers are crossed and my expectations are high. We’ll see where this blue box takes up in 2017.

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