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Doctor Who Convention in America

Doctor Who Hurricane Who convention

Doctor Who Hurricane Who convention

Doctor Who fans have no problem finding Doctor Who related things to immerse themselves into if they materialize every morning in the U.K. However, if you find yourself residing anywhere else, especially in America, then your Doctor Who interaction is limited. I have found a way to congregate with fellow Doctor Who fans and engage in enlightening conversation along with being in a great area of the world. How does a Doctor Who convention sound? A Doctor Who convention that takes place in America, sound even better? How about taking place in beautiful, sunny Florida! That sounds like it is almost to good to be true. Well it is not, Hurricane Who is the Doctor Who convention in America! October 29-31, 2010 in Orlando, Fl is the time you need to set aside to be apart of this great gathering of Doctor Who fans! October in Florida is the perfect time of year to enjoy Florida because the heat and humidity have subsided somewhat and most of the standard tourist have returned to their homes or not made the trek yet to Florida for the winter. Make plans to attend and start by checking out the link to the official Hurricane Who website.

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  1. Mary

    HS! (Has a mini hearts attacks at computer) Hhhhmmmmm I wonder who I can bribe to buy gas……