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Doctor Who regeneration woes

Several Doctor Who incarnations through the years.

Many of the Doctors

The Doctor has been able to live so long in TV series land because of the ingenious concept called regeneration. This is when the Doctor morphs into his new persona and a new era of the Doctor Who series begins and ends. According to BBC documents, the regeneration was characterized like an LSD trip without any of the good points and all of the bad aspects. The regeneration showed all the horror of a metaphysical change and how the “new” Doctors were worst for wear immediately following the taxing process. The BBC documents went on to discuss how several Doctor persona were likened to whimsical idiots and people thought that was overly exaggerated. Some went so far as to say that they likened the new Doctor’s to Alice in Wonderland fashion. Even my favorite Doctor Who, Tom Baker, brought some less than kind sentiment. One viewer said, “General opinion was that the new Doctor Who is a loony – he is an eccentric always, but the way it was presented made him stupid.” Ouch…

With that being said, some people never like change. Some will always criticize the new person, but eventually people get used to the new character and find traits that appeal to them and captivate their affections. I was guilty of this when Tom Baker regenerated into Peter Davidson. At first I really missed my scarf wearing, curly hair Doctor, but soon the cricket union wearing Doctor had captured my affection and I was eagerly following to see what his next adventure would bring him. Regenerations are a huge aspect of the Doctor Who series and this is why people are so opinionated when they happen.

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