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Doctor Who Rundown: Vampires of Venice (6)

The Doctor realizes the significance of the date 06/26/2010 (Amy Pond’s wedding date) and decides that Rory (Amy’s fiance) and Amy need a romantic break before they get married. I get the feeling that the significance of the date revolves around the crack in time and when it began. I hope Steven Moffat does a good job of playing out that aspect of the new storyline through this season.
Doctor Who with the young vampires in Venice

The Doctor takes Rory and Amy to romantic Venice, Italy circa 1580. Here they encounter strangeness with a closed Venice (due to Plague warnings) and a school of vampire creatures. Very cool start! A boat builder is attempting to obtain a better life for his daughter, Isabella, by enrolling her in a school run by Rosanna Calvierri and her son Franceso. In reality the school is a transformation area for young girls to become suitable breeders for an alien race that has escaped to Earth in order to survive. Side note: Amy Pond – Stockings, mini skirt and boots…beautiful. Doctor Who - Vampires of Venus - FrancescoAmy and Rory catch the Vampire Francesco in the act of bleeding a young lady in the streets of Venice, but he runs away before they have a chance to interrogate him. Next, The Doctor sneaks into the “school” and gets chased out by five young vampire girls, but not before he realizes that they have no reflection in a mirror and that they are vampire like creatures now. Now Amy Pond wants to get into the school and rescue Isabella. In order to carry out the rescue plan, Rory acts as Amy’s brother who is trying to get a better life for his sister. Rosanna accepts her after hearing that Amy comes from Swedish royalty. Rory leaves Amy in the care of the Vampires. Amy meets Isabella and asks her what is going on at the school. She doesn’t know anything except that they come for her at night and now her skins burns in the daylight. Sounds like vampire mischief to me. The Doctor and Rory sneak into the school via a back door just off of the canal. Meanwhile, Amy Pond kicks Rosanna in the side, injuring the alien cloaking device. This is where everyone discovers that the Vampires are some kind of crazy aliens.Doctor Who - Vampires in Venice - Rosanna sacrifice Isabella is sacrificed to all Francesco’s brothers for trying to escape the school. The Doctor confronts Rosanna and we find out that the aliens are refugees that ran from the cracks in time and they are on Earth the take it over for themselves. The Doctor, Amy and Rory escape from the Vampires and the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to repair Amy’s vampire bite. That freakin tool can do anything!

Now, the new vampire ladies attack and Isabella’s father sacrifices himself by blowing himself up in the gun-powder room along with the five new vampire women. Rosanna initiates the destruction of Venice and it looks like the sky is on fire. Rory and Amy run into Francesco and he goes after Amy. Rory makes a comment about Francesco’s Mom and Francesco engages Rory in a sword fight. Just as Francesco is about to finish off Rory, Francesco changes back into his natural self and Amy Pond directs light via her compact to reflect onto the alien Francesco and he explodes. Big rain starts to fall on Venice and earthquakes begin to happen. The Doctor mentions that the earthquakes bring on big waves that can be quite bad for Venice. The Doctor climbs to the top of the tower of the school in the storm and stops the alien storm making device. Rosanna sacrifices herself back to her people because she knows that now that the storm has stopped then her people will die. All is good again in Venice.

Amy convinces Rory to come along for some adventures with her and the Doctor. Amy steps into the TARDIS and as Rory and the Doctor are about to enter, the Doctor notices that everything is silent and he remembers what Rosanna said about the crack in time that appeared in her world. In some of the cracks there was absolute silence. This is definitely a clue for what will develop with the Doctor and the cracks in time.

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    The 1st show of the new series, broadcast on Saturday, featured a kissogram, a naked Doctor along with a