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Doctor Who: The Adventure Game

Doctor Who Adventure Game

The Doctor Who Adventure Game

The BBC has announced that it will be releasing an interactive video game for PC and Mac that will be free! Users will be interacting with the most well known enemies and monsters of the Doctor. Players will be the Doctor & Amy and the games will follow action in the current Doctor Who TV series. A super cool way for fans to interact with the series as the series plays through the entire season. I think this is a great way for fans to connect further with the adventures of the greatest Time Lord’s that ever existed!

Another good sign that the games will actually be fun and engaging is the fact that Steven Moffat (excellent DW write) and Charles Cecil (revered video game creator) are directly involved with the gaming project. It is always a good feeling knowing that awesome resources are being used to produce something that should enhance the fun factor of Doctor Who. Going the extra step, game producers have full voice overs of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan along with digitally created images of both characters that greatly resemble the real life characters. The names of the individual games has not been revealed as of yet, but the BBC plans on an official name release of April 21, 2010. The official game release/download will be available in the June 2010 time frame from the BBC Website.

Kudos to the BBC and Doctor Who staff for taking this interactive step. If you want to look at the full article on the BBC Webiste, then click here.

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