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Doctor Who – The Beast Below

Star Whale - Doctor WhoSPOILER WARNING, I give some of the story away……..England has escaped solar flares and now is a spaceship country that holds a secret. No engine vibration and a cloaked woman with a theatre mask. The Doctor knows that there is something gone awry here. Puppets in booths known as Smilies, what are they? 10 minutes in her new environment, Amy Pond is already bucking the system and getting in to trouble. Men in black cloaks with crazy rings carry her to an election booth. We discover that Amy’s full name is Amelia Jessica Pond and that she and the Doctor have arrived on the Starship UK. After watching a brief and apparently informative documentary, Amy is given the choice of Protest or Forget what she has just seen. Watch to see what choice she makes. A trapped creature, known as a Star-Whale powers the Starship UK and is controlled the Smilies and inadvertently by the cloaked woman herself. The Doctor has to make a big decision: humans, Star-Whales, or his Name. Amy figures out the secret of the Star Whale and why it happened upon the UK at the time of the solar flares. The star-whale cannot stand to hear the children cry. The Star Whale has many similarities to the Doctor himself, very old, very kind and the last of its race. At the end, we find out that the TARDIS has a phone. On to the Daleks next week…

For more about Star Whales look here at the Doctor Who Wiki.

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