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Flesh and Stone Teaser from BBC America

Well if the cliff hanger ending from last night’s Doctor Who episode, The Time of Angels, infuriated you and you can’t wait until next week, then look at the clip below to get a teaser of next week’s episode. Thank you BBC America for wetting my appetite even more. Where is my towel, I have drooled all over my desk. It is tough dealing with anticipation.

2 Responses to Flesh and Stone Teaser from BBC America

  1. You actually wait for BBC america?

    I can’t wait for BBC to show it all, so I download both the episodes and the all important doctor who confidential from the net. I can tell you this – the second part is an absolute ripper! Sooooo cool, it gave me shivers. Just about to watch Vampires in Venice tonight.

  2. admin

    I am old school. I remember back in the day waiting from week to week to find out the next element of the story. (Like most of the Tom Baker series.)
    Some friends and I get together and watch the show on Sat nights. I am trying to learn more patience. : ) I actually try real hard not to read/watch/hear anything that might give the next episode away. A teaser is always fun though. You were so right about the the 2nd part. Love sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see how the Doctor will get out of another fine mess! Looking forward to Vampires in Venice.
    Thanks for the comment.