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Just saw Victory of the Daleks

Doctor Who – Victory of the Daleks 5/01/2010 9:00 PM EDT on BBC America

Mock British soldier Dalek with Amy Pond and Doctor WhoThe latest episode starts off in the WWII era and Winston Churchill readies his new secret weapon. Craziness, Winston Churchill teaming up with the Daleks. Who would have thunk that? A professor that seems to know waaaaaay to much, and, a big AND, two Daleks painted in circa WWII British military uniform colors bearing the Union Jack and serving tea. Quite odd! And, for the spice we have Miss Amy Pond decked out in a red jumper, boots and a short gray skirt. Another quite nice outfit for the tall, red head.

The professor claims that he has invented the Bracewell Ironsides, but in reality they are just Daleks. Winston Churchill has a prolific statement/anacronym Keep Buggering On or KBA. Had not run across that one yet.

The Doctor confirms the identity of the Daleks and inadvertently doing so, he reactivates the “Progenator Device” and the last three remaining Daleks are able to regenerate perfect Dalek DNA. A new era of Dalek. With the DNA reconstructed the resurrection of the Dalek race can begin. The new Daleks have interesting primary/secondary colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Orange. Irony, the newest Daleks cleanse the unpure Dalek DNA and destroy the last three “original” Daleks.

Cool new eye shot from the Daleks, a rectangular oval. The new Daleks threaten and attempt to blow up the oblivion continuum power source on the professor Braswell android. The Doctor tries to have the professor think as human a thoughts as possible. Once again, Amy Pond steps in to save the day. Amy Pond’s day saving sentence: “Ever fancy someone you know you shouldn’t?” This has the professor think about Dora Bella, his untouchable love. Amy Pond helps the Doctor make that human connection. He has trouble with this sometime because he is an alien and not actually human.

Save number 2 my Miss Amy Pond. However the Daleks make the time jump and escape the Doctor. He is distressed thinking that the Daleks have beaten him and will go on to terrorize the universe. Amy Pond consoles the Doctor by reminding him that he just saved the entire planet Earth again from the Daleks. The helps ease the distress of having the Daleks escape.

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