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Karen Gillam has input into Amy Pond attire

Karen Gillam glamor shotIn a recent interview, Karen Gillam said that she has put her input into the clothes that the character Amy Pond wears on the Doctor Who series. Karen is a vibrant 22-year old Scottish woman that has her own style. The Amy Pond character is basically the same age (age 21) and Karen feels that she definitely can have some influence on what Amy has own for the series. Karen goes on to say that she has worked directly with wardrobe designers for the Amy Pond character. They have worked together to bring a unique style to a confident and feisty character. Karen admits that Amy is a confident young lady that is able to wear the types of clothes that we have seen thus far in the new series. Amy Pond has a her own style, but with aspects of the real life Karen Gillam.

I personally love the new character of Amy Pond. Karen Gillam has brought an innocent, attractiveness to the latest Doctor Who companion. I am looking forward to the rest of the season.

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