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Karen Gillam in the States

Karen Gillam at the US premier

Karen Gillam

Karen Gillam is the new Doctor Who companion, Amy (Amelia) Pond. She and Matt Smith made an appearance in New York City to promote the season opener of the Doctor Who series here in the States. Karen Gillam is a beautiful young women that only helped to solidify this fact by what she wore to the premier in New York. She traded in the kissogram, police-bobby outfit for a stunning, glamor dress that was fitting for a Hollywood star on Award night. She chose to wear a full length, purple gown that accentuated her natural height, stature and beauty.

The Amy Pond character was scrutinized by Doctor Who fans saying that the short skirt she wore in the season opener was not appropriate for a family show and even went so far as to call her character “slutty”. At the season premier in New York Karen counter played those accusations with her stunning full-length evening gown.

For more pictures and more details, look at the DailyMail article.

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