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Kill a Dalek

Head of a DalekDaleks are tough nuts to crack, but by knowing some important facts, you can destroy your very own Dalek. Lets review some of the weaknesses that can be exploited to successfully destroy a Dalek. First, the eye stalk on a Dalek is a vulnerable area. Trying to subdue a Dalek should only be attempted if no other options are presented. The best idea is get away from the Dalek, but if you can not, these weaknesses can be exploited in order to overcome a Dalek.

The eye-stalk can be a weak point on a Dalek. The stalk contains the means by which Dalek spot and target their enemies. You can try and disable the eye-stalk via a cutting device or even a club if wielded correctly. If not implement of destruction is handy, then try hurling some wet mud at the eye and run like crazy. If you are feeling adventurous, while the Dalek struggles to see you can further attack it and see where you get. I advise escape.

The Dalek armor is particularly tough. However, at the point where the Dalek’s gun attaches to the main body casing, a vulnerability can be found. If you aim precisely at the ball joint area, then a damaging blow can be dealt. Otherwise, a large bomb is needed to disrupt a Dalek. Typically, bigger is better when deciding what bomb to use against a Dalek. Place to bomb where it will perceivably do the most damage and run like crazy. No need to stick around because it the bomb does not totally destroy the Dalek, then you will have put some additional space between you and the now upset Dalek.

Extreme temperature changes can adversely effect the Dalek. Going from one temperature extreme to another can disrupt the Dalek. With that said, the temperature differences need to be substantial. We are talking boiling hot then immediately followed by below freezing temperatures. This scenario can be difficult to reproduce, so do not count on this weakness as a means to be delivered from a Dalek’s wrath.

Dalek’s have unique means of powering themselves. Some collect solar energy via panels mounted on their backs, while other harness the power of static electricity by moving over hard, flat surfaces. With the solar powered model of Dalek, one can simply place a sheet over the solar panels and wait for the Dalek’s batteries to go dead. This can be quite sometime however. In the case of a static powered Dalek, often a blanket can be placed on the hard, flat surface that the Dalek is traveling and this will “strand” the Dalek because it will not be able to move or produce power.

Keep in mind that a Dalek is best avoided and should only be engaged if no other option is available. For more handy Dalek advise please refer to the BBC Dalek Survival Guide.

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