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TARDIS gets St John Ambulance Badge

TARDIS door with St John badgeWith the season premier of Doctor Who, we have not only seen a regeneration of the Doctor from David Tennant to Matt Smith, but also the addition of the St John Ambulance Badge on the door of the TARDIS. Better put, the return of the St John Ambulance badge to the TARDIS door. The first Doctor, William Hartnell had the badge on his TARDIS door and the badge also appeared in two feature films of the 1960’s era. Since that time the St John Ambulance badge has remained off the TARDIS. With Steven Moffat at the production helm of the Doctor Who series, many feel that he wanted to puts his own personal stamp on this era of the Doctor Who series. For more on this read the article from the Daily Mail.

st john ambulance badge

Here is some St John Ambulance history.

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