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The Weeping Angels are Funky

DW – Episode 4 – The Time of Angels
A screaming Weeping Angel from Doctor Who
Lets begin with a short black skirt and an over-sized red sweatshirt, thank you Karen Gillam.

“Welcome back” ‘s are in order for several Doctor Who characters. What an entrance by River Song! Gambling with “timing”! She has a lot of faith in the Doctor.
Why can she fly the TARDIS better than the Doctor? Song or Who?? Amy soon determines that River Song is actually the Doctors wife from the future. Song has a diary that documents her past and the Doctors future. And, the Doctor is quite aware of the diaries existence. Neat twist.

The Weeping Angels are an advanced race of assassins that camouflage themselves as stone angles when they are seen. With every blink they get closer until finally they are upon you are you are dead. The Doctor has encountered these creatures before and knows the danger that lies with them. In this time, the church has progressed beyond robes and wooden crosses, now they are the military. The Doctor has been brought by River Song to help destroy the a single Angel but soon finds out that his task will be more difficult than destroying one Weeping Angel. The Doctor finds himself at the Labyrinth of the Dead, ironically an ancient resting place of Angels.

By reading a book documenting the Angels, the Doctor discovers that anything that holds the image of an Angel, will become an Angel. While the Doctor is discovering this fact about the Angels, Amy Pond is reviewing the video clip of the single Angle recorded by River Song. Holy shizznit Amy, watch out! Amy is a brilliant girl and pauses the image on the blip in the video. But now the Angel has escaped.

Father Octavian asks River Song if she has told the Doctor yet. She says “No” and Father Octavian warns that the Doctor better not find out. River Song assures Father Octavian that she is not going back to prison. What does this mean? We will find out.

The Doctor makes a prolific statement to Father Octavian and Cleric Bob, “If you are not scared, then you are a moron.” (when the Angels are involved) Clerics, Angelo and Christian fall victim to the Angel from the ship. Cleric Bob is sent to find Angelo and Christian. On no, Bob is a goner…the Angel takes over Bob’s cerebral cortex and is able to communicate with the Doctor via the walkie-talkie. The Angel proceeds to try and enrage the Doctor and blur his keen thought processes.

Soon the Doctor realizes that the entire maze is full of Weeping Angels. At the same time Amy’s hand appears to turn to stone. It is just a trick that the Angel is playing on Amy. She really believes that her hand is stone and locked to the railing. The Doctor assures her that it is just in her mind. The Doctor bites Amy’s hand to convince her that the Angel is playing tricks on her. The hand is not really stone. Run!
A Weeping Angel from Doctor Who
The Angel calls to the Doctor to tell him that they are going to die soon. The Angel says that the Doctor and his group are trapped. The Doctor says, never trap a…to be continued!

I freaking hate cliff-hanger endings…till next week then.

For more in depth news and analysis of this Doctor Who episode refer to the BBC America site or the DW Wiki site.

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