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Jerry Hardingham, Matt Smith's teacher from school. PHOTO: Steve Guscott

Jerry Hardingham. PHOTO by: Steve Guscott

Well the newest Doctor Who has debuted on British television and I am doing my best to avoid all news relating to the review of the newest Doctor Who. BBC America will be showing the new season starting April 17 and I am chomping at the bit to lay my eyes on the full episode. I know that I could probably find a copy on the Internet somewhere, but I am old school and don’t mind waiting until the show actually airs here in the States. Foh shizzle, I used to wait an entire year, back in the day, until PBS would broadcast what everyone in Britain saw last year on the BBC. My stand-off to discover what happens with the new Doctor Who has been rather difficult, but I am staying strong. To get my digg on Doctor Who, I have been scouring the Internet for other “new” Doctor Who items and this is what I ran across. This article talks about the newest Doctor Who, Matt Smith and one of his old teachers. The teacher, Jerry Hardingham, taught the young Doctor at Northampton School for Boys and he remembers an incident where he had to “con” the young Matt Smith into the lead role in a school acting performance. Jerry knew that Matt was destined for great acting experiences in the future. Read more of the Somerset County Gazette article here.

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